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Today in the Country there is first place of M.P. in garlic production and Knowledge is given to the Farmers about Garlic Production by Agri-culture College, National Harticulture Research centre and Industrial department M.P. Govt. There is Garlic production in good quantity in M.P. at Indore, Shajapur, Ujjain, Dhar, Dewas, Ratlam, Mandsaur, Neemuch and in Chindvada districts. This year in 1999 there is more crops in comparision of the last year of 1998. Only in Neemuch district there is not good crops. There is good production of garlic in Ratlam district. This garlic is big in size quality Shankar garlic. This year in M.P. There is production of nearly 40 lakhs of bags. In more than two thousand willages of M.P. the garlic has been produced. At Chindvara there is production in nearly two lakhs bags. This information has been received by researchers. After making quality the garlic is exported from M.P. to different Countries and in Foreign countries. There is beginnig of New wet garlic in M.P. the only Produced garlic is sold in wholesal in vegetable markets of Indore, Chindvara, Ujjain, Bilaspur, Rajpur, Jabalpur and Gwalior. In the remaining places it is sold in the Agriculture production markets. The Commission is not deducted from farmers in Agriculture markets. The Commission is deducted from farmers in vegetable markets.

Today in garlic production there is second place of U.P. in the country. Before it the garlic of U.P. was supposed to be of low quality but slowly there is improvement in the quality. The goods is produced at Ghiror, Jasrana, Padam, Kuravali, ltava, Rampur, Badayu, Menpuri and Bhongava. In Ata there is also production of good quality. There is daily market is Ata and weely market at Ghiror, Kuravali and Bhongava. By it in the market day there is import to 1 thousand to 10 thousand bags in any market in Ghiror. Uttar Pradesh garlic goes for sale to Calcutta, Delhi, Punjab, Bihar, Udisa, Assam, Bengal and in the markets of M.P. This year in 1999 in U.P. the garlic production is supposed from 30 to 35 lakhs of bags. Here also in at least more than two thousand villages the garlic is produced and in Uttar Pradesh the garlic is used in Kanpur, Lucknau, Raibareli, Nenital, Agra and in many cities, The garlic of U.P. is exported to Bangladesh and other Countries. In U.P. there are no Agriculture production markets. All the shopkeepers sell the goods on their shops with speaking selling price, In many markets of U.P. the Outsider Purchasers Businessmen can not stay in Night and they stay in nearest big towns. From view of safety here the goods is sold by Commission on Sustem.

There was a time when the garlic of Gujrat was famous in the world and it was sold at high rates of Chier garlic sale markets and it was first in production but in the year 1999 this state is at third place in garlic production. Last year in 1998 in Gujrat the garlic production was from 30 to 35 lakhs. This year the supposed production is about from 22 to 25 lakhs of bags. According to Business Factors Chiefly the garlic is in more than one markets in Rajkot, Jamnagar, Gondal and Jaitpur. Keshod Mandi is beginning now. There is Rosy garlic in the villages of Lunavada of Godhra Dist. of Panchmahal. There is nearly about 20 to 25 thousand bags and in the rest places there is less prodution. Blue garlic of Green leaf is also produced and it is sold in vegetable markets. In Gujrat the great Farmers sow the garlic os different quality in 400 bigha. In Rajkot dist. Narsingbhai Patel, Devarajbhai Patel and including many farlers sowed the garlic of Kodai Kenal of Tamilnadu and of Chipa Barod (Rj.) The garlic of pieces was produced in the crops Kodai Kenal (T.N.) but question sigh were made on the production of Chipa Baroda. In the year 1999 in Comparision to the production of the year 1998 there was 65% sowing and its 65% goods is taken down. In Gujrat there are 15 to 20 Factories of garlic Powder which depend on export and matchines of making garlic powder are sold in Rajkot. There are Chief sale centres at Ahamadabad Surat, Vadodra, Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Valsad, Godhara and Dahod of Gujrat.

There is Chief place of Rajsthan in garlic productionand at Chipa Baroda (District Bara) which is near Kota the garlic of big pieces is popular and this goods is specially used in Bombay and Thmilnadu. It is sold at high rates, In Rajsthan there is Chief Production in Chipa Baroda, Kota, Bhawani Mandi, Ramganj Mandi, Jaipur Dist., Udepur Dist., Mathania- Jodhpur Dist. and in Chittorgarh Dist. The representatives of market rates researched the garlic production area. According to that in Mathania and Chipa Baroda 4 to 5 lakhs bags in two Dist. and in Other Dist. about 2 to 3 lakhs bags is produced. Thus in Rajsthan about more 8 lakhs of bags is producedin the year 1999. The garlic Muchawala and White polished of Mathania Jodhpur is Stong. This year there was good production of garlic in the nearest villages of Jaipur Dist. There is good Production of garlic in Pratapgarh Dist. Chittorgarh and also at Devagarh Madaria side of Udaipur. the good is found in good production at Bengu Madal of Bhilvara Dist. The garlic production is in 150 villagesa of Saganer of Jaipur. The used sale happens Specially in Ajmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Ganga Sagar, Bhilvada, Jodhpur and in big towns of Kota.

Tamillnadu is the Chief State of Country where garlic is eaten. Here the People eat the garlic of highest rates. In the year 1999 the garlic is sold at the rate of 70 to 75 Rs. per Kg. Kodai Kenal, Maittopalayam (Nilgiri) type of garlic is produced in white and Rosy cold areas.There two times in a year crops become ready at the distance of 6-6 months. In the year 1999 two time production of crops is about 1.5 to 2 laksh of bags and garlic of big pieces is found specially in chennai, Koyambatur, Selam, Madurai, Trichi, Erod, Varugapatti, Ploachi etc pleaces. In varugapatti village where the population will be from 5 to 7 thousand there 75 to 80 % people do garlic business. On wednesday and Sunday the garlic Mandi is decorated. On that day there happens the business of at least one thousand bags and at the most from 3 to 4 thosand bags. Here the garlic of big pieces is enough coloured after boiling and then it is sold. In this village there are 50 to 60 garlic businessman. In Chennai (Madras ) the imported China garlic is also Chiefly eaten more in Tamilnadu. In Tamilnadu there is daily the business of garlic from 4 to 5 thosand bags.

There was a time when near Poona and in Nasik district the Production of garlic was good and it was exported. Today in Masala Board there is the Measure value of Poona garlic size. At Maharashtra in the year 1999 the production of garlic happened in about 1 to 1.5 lakhs bags at All places. The use of Garlic is more in Maharastra and from Bombay, Poona and Nasik happened the Trade of Onion at world standard. So there is importance of garlic trade in Maharastra. White garlic is produced at Poona side and Rosy garlic is produced at Sinnar, Junnar. The Chief sale centres are Sangali, Solapur, Kolhapur, Jalganva, Akola, Nanded, Parbhani, Jalna, Dhulia, Nasik, Bombay and Poona Thana etc.

In Hariyana state there is chief Production centre in Karnal District where concerning garlic production National Harticulture. Research Centre which is going on a Research Centre of increasing garlic production. By which in many areas of Hariyana the production of garlic has begun. There in some areas China garlic of big pieces is produced. In the year 1999 about 3 to 4 lakhs bags is produced in Hariyana. Production happens at KuruKshetra, Karnal etc.

In punjab the chief market of garlic are Ludhiyana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ambala. In Punjab the garlic is specially produced in the nearest villages of Ludhiyana, Jalandhar, Monga and Khanna, At Punjab in the year 1999 the production of garlic happened in about 1.5 to 2 lakhs bags. This garlic went to punjab, Delhi some what at Gujrat and Bombay. The goods of big pieces goes to other centres. In the year 1998-99 the more China garlic had been imported at Amrotsar by the way of Pakistan and was sent in the whole Country.

In the Chief Capital Delhi of the Country the garlic business happens with potatoes and Onion in the vegetable market of Azadpur. Here are 10 to 15 Whole sale Businessmen of garlic. This is the place of sale. The new wet garlic of M.P. is sold good in 3 to 4 months. And from Delhi the chief business of Hariyana, Punjab, Jammu, Kashmir happens. In Delhi the average of garlic sale comes from 2 to 3 thousand bags daily. In season sale happens from 5 to 7 thousand bags. The goods of U.P. Rajsthan also comes for sale. The goods of U.P. moves Continuously for eight months. From 1 to 1.5 months the new garlic of karnal, Hariyana, Ludhiyana and Jalandhar (Punjab) comes for sale.

In the cold areas of Himachal Pradesh the garlic is sowed by the medium of National Harticulture Research Centre. The Rosy and white garlic of big pieces is produced in many cities of Shimal, Dharmshala and Kullu etc. The goods is produced in nearest villages of these cities, Due to lack of Rainfall in the year 1999 the crops have become weak. About 20 to 25 thousand bags goods has been produced. This good goes at Chandigarh, Jammu at amritsar.

In Karnatac state according to our survey the garlic is produced in nearest areas and Hubli, Bijapur. But in the year 1999 in Whole Karnatac the garlic had not been produced due to more Rainfall. Here the Rosy garlic of Medium small quality is used at Hubali and at Manglore side white garlic is used. The Banglore city of Karnatac is supposed to be the market of Number one of India for garlic sale. Here the seven thousand of bags are sometimes sold daily. The business of Tamilnadu happens most with Banglore. At many centres of Karnatac there is good use of garlic. And from Banglore there is good business at many centres of Tamilnadu, Pandicheri and Kerala.

Jammu Kashmir is a cold Pradesh. Here the big garlic is produced in shree Nagar and on Hills. This garlic is eaten by the citizens of this area. It is weak in taste.

Garlic is produced in some areas of Bihar and the sale happens there. Due to safety reasons the tour was not done at Bihar but at many centres of Patna, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Tatanagar, Gaya and Samastipur there is good sale. The more goods of U.P. goes to Bihar. Here there is Tax on garlic. So by U.P. Barders there is more business in two Number.

Garlic is Produced in Murshidabad and Nadiya districts of Western Bengal. Some what is sowed with the Productrion of Vegetables for eating by nearest farmers, But new garlic continues from the month of February to April in Najirpur,Chakda, Batoi, Dhuliuan and Faruka villages of Murshidabad and Nadiya districts. That goods is sold in the nearest places. Some what goods from 10 to 15 thousand bags comes to Calcutta market for sale. Totally in Western Bengal from 30 to 40 thousand bags of garlic is produced.

The Chief of Markets of Odissa Raurkela, Bhuvaneshwar, Catak, Behrampur, Baleshwar, Barapada etc. are chief centres. Some garlic is produced at near Behrampur of Uttar Pradesh Boarder. That is completed there. At Bhuvaneshwar and Catak of Odissa the business continues from evening up to lare night.

In Assam the Chief garlic business centres are Gohati, Silture, Jorhat, Jalpaiguddi but the chief business centre is Gohati, In the cold areas of Assam Farmers sow the garlic which is used for about one month and from 15 to 20 thousand bags is produced. Such is the rumour.




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